A few easy-to-follow rules

We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment for ALL of our guest and we take no pleasure in removing our guests for violation of any of the following rules:

1.  Shirts must be on at all times

2.  Trousers to be worn decently

3.  NO Drunks and NO drugs

4.  Riding Carts to be driven safely by adults--NO CHILDREN

5.  No pets allowed

6.  Rowdiness not tolerated

7. Must pay before you play

Riding Carts to be kept off the greens

Shirts to be worn while at Sigel Golf

We love animals but not on the golf course

We tried to accommodate pet owners but there were too many incidents where a dog would grab and run off with someone's golf ball and another incident where a dog was running after a child, probably to play but the child did not want to play, etc., NO PETS. 

Pay before you play even if we are not there.

99.9% of our guests are honest and place the proper amount in the designated box.  

Thank you!

We love golf and want you to love it  Sigel.